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Carnelian is a type of gems that’s as charming as it’s versatile. When you’re searching for inspiration to get by inventive blocks or want a bit of confidence enhance then carnelian is the stone you may flip to. The wealthy but earthy tones of carnelian make it an amazing addition to any crystal assortment, to not point out the fantastic results it has in balancing your chakras.

Folklore and legends that encompass the carnelian gemstone solely serve so as to add to its mystique. One well-known story is of how Napolean Bonaparte carefully guarded the carnelian seal stone he found on his Egyptian marketing campaign. One other is of The Prophet Muhammad who wore an inscribed carnelian signet ring which was used to seal essential paperwork. The carnelian was seen as a stone of excellent luck and saved by all those that knew its worth.

Carnelian Colours Pink, orange, amber
Zodiac Signal Virgo
Hardness Scale 6.5 – 7 on Mohs Scale
Mineral Class Chalcedony
Symbolism Creativity, braveness, motivation

What’s Carnelian

Carnelian is a translucent gemstone of the silica mineral class Chalcedony. Its reddish-brown colours are as a result of presence of iron oxide. Carnelian gems are related in nature to Sard, the browner of the 2 Chalcedony gems. The time period Carnelian and Sard are sometimes used interchangeably though carnelian leans in the direction of the redder spectrum whereas sard is nearer to the brown spectrum. 

The title carnelian is derived from the Latin phrase “carneus” which means flesh, which is used to explain the colour of the stone. Carnelian gems have been generally known as Cornelian within the Center Ages. The Sundown Stone is a reputation that was given to carnelian gems centuries in the past by the Historic Egyptians. The reddish-orange to pale pink hues of the carnelian gems conjure up visions of a dreamy sundown.

These gems are linked to vitality and creativity, so it’s no surprise that they go by the monikers of The Singer Stone and The Artist Stone. Carnelian promotes confidence and is advisable for singers to maintain the stone on them throughout their efficiency. It additionally serves as a companion to artists, permitting their creativity to movement easily.

What does Carnelian seem like

Carnelian is an opaque gemstone that is available in shades of brown, purple, orange, and pink. The shades differ from pale to brightly coloured relying on their mineral composition. Iron oxide is the primary contributor to the deep rusty colours of the carnelian. 

Carnelians are simply heat-treated to deliver out a extra intense coloring of the stone. When uncovered to warmth, the colour of the carnelian gemstone will darken because the iron oxidizes. Even by merely leaving the stones out within the solar, they’ll darken their coloration. 

Carnelians are carefully associated to different gems within the Chalcedony household which they’re typically confused with. Gems which can be nearer to brown are generally known as Sard whereas the orange, purple, and brown tones combined collectively are generally known as jasper. 

The worth of Carnelian

Carnelians will not be uncommon stones and subsequently are a number of the extra reasonably priced gems round. The brighter coloured red-orange tones of carnelians are prone to fetch the next value than their brown counterparts. The larger the stone the upper its worth. Cleaner stones additionally command greater costs than the typical carnelian. 

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Historical past and mythology of Carnelian

Carnelian performed a significant position for the Historic Egyptians. Not solely was it used as a stone of fertility but in addition carried by warriors to strengthen their braveness. It was additionally utilized by the architects of the pyramids and sphinx to tell apart them in rank from others.

In historic Greece, Babylon, and Persia, carnelian was used as talismans to guard in opposition to pure disasters. These kingdoms have been liable to earthquakes and an outdated saying goes that “Nobody who wore Carnelian was ever discovered beneath a damaged home or fallen wall”.

Carnelians have been utilized by wizards as a set off stone due to their highly effective vitality. Historic Romans made use of carnelian in signet rings to seal essential paperwork since wax doesn’t stick with the gemstone’s easy floor.

The enigmatic Taj Mahal constructed by Shah Jahan in reminiscence of his beloved spouse Mumtaz is adorned with hundreds of carnelian gems. These particular gems have been imported to India from Saudi Arabia.

Carnelian’s which means and symbolism 

Carnelian symbolizes creativity, daring vitality, braveness, and motivation. All through the ages, they’ve been used as amulets for cover and good luck. Carnelians are used to extend one’s religious progress and consciousness.

Historic Egyptians thought of the orange shaded carnelians to be linked to the goddess Isis. These gems are related to female vitality and symbolize fertility and the menstrual cycle. Whereas the extra red-toned gems are linked to the masculine vitality used to reinforce love and fervour.

The place does Carnelian come from

Carnelians are mined at many areas all over the world. They’ve been present in India, Brazil, Egypt, and Uruguay with India being a significant supply of economic orange carnelian for hundreds of years. Different nations that mine carnelian embody Australia, China, components of the US, and Western Europe.

Carnelian and Zodiac indicators

Carnelian will not be a conventional birthstone however it’s most frequently related to the zodiac signal Virgo. These born beneath the indicators of Leo and Aries additionally profit from carnelians fiery nature. When you may do with a lift of creativity and fervour then it could assist to maintain carnelian gems shut by.

Carnelian gemstone household 

Carnelian is a semi-precious gemstone that’s a part of the Chalcedony household of gems. They shaped thousands and thousands of years in the past inside volcanic lava or igneous rocks. Carnelian is only one of many types of chalcedony. Different gems on this household embody aventurine, bloodstone, onyx, tiger’s eye, chrysoprase, agate, jasper, and lots of extra. The totally different types of Chalcedony are quartzes that may be differentiated by their coloration, patterns, bands, or stripes. 

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Carnelian gemstone makes use of

Traditionally, carnelian was utilized in amulets and carried round as talismans for its mystical properties. These gems are fairly sturdy, ranking between 6.5 and seven on the Mohs hardness scale making them the best stone for a wide range of makes use of. They can be utilized for carvings and decorative items and have been typically utilized in cameos and intaglios prior to now.

Immediately you’ll find carnelian cabochons of oval and dome shapes utilized in jewellery and crystal therapeutic practices. They will also be faceted or carved into extra intricate shapes for one-of-a-kind items. Bracelets, brooches, earrings, pendants, and rings with carnelians near the pores and skin are an incredible method to really feel the vitality of the stone. 

Carnelians are additionally used within the magnificence business as face rollers. A couple of advantages of the carnelian face curler embody selling blood circulation, enhancing elasticity, and decreasing puffiness.

Regularly requested questions on Carnelian gemstone

What Chakra is Carnelian stone for?

Carnelian gems with orange hues are related to the sacral chakra which is situated slightly below the navel. It’s mentioned to invigorate inventive and sexual energies and on the identical time enhance vitality. The red-colored carnelians are related to the bottom chakra which you’ll find on the base of your backbone. These gems relieve anxieties referring to your work and residential life.

Is carnelian good for love?

Carnelian is claimed to draw love, ardour, and want in a single’s life. This gemstone is used to assist the person of their relationships and get them by any emotional blockages.

Are you able to put on carnelian gems on daily basis?

Sure, you may put on carnelian gems on daily basis. Alternatively, when you’re not snug sporting jewellery it’s also possible to carry carnelians with you each day in your pocket or bag. They’re sturdy and reasonably priced gems which can be mentioned to deliver many optimistic attributes to those that preserve them.

How a lot is Carnelian value?

The value of carnelians differs primarily based on the colour, measurement, and high quality of the gemstone. Carnelians are typically modestly priced. The cheaper varieties are priced at round $1 per carat whereas the costlier stones can go greater than $20 per carat.



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