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Usually mistaken for fascinating blue gems like sapphire or tanzanite, iolite is the extra modestly priced blue gem that deserves a spot in each connoisseur’s assortment. The majestic violet-blue hues symbolize hope and convey on heightened instinct. The optical results of iolite are certain to captivate those that set sight on them.

Often known as the compass stone, iolite will assist you to navigate alongside your non secular journey and calm you when your path will get tough. All through historical past, iolite has held nice significance amongst totally different cultures as a sunstone and therapeutic stone to mystics and various healers. 

Iolite can add the correct quantity of sparkle to your jewellery items with out breaking the financial institution. Typically known as the water sapphire, iolite has many desirable traits that we’ll take you thru. 

Iolite Colours Blue, violet, gray, colorless
Zodiac Indicators Libra, Sagittarius, and Taurus
Hardness Scale 7-7.5 on Mohs Scale
Mineral Class Codierite
Symbolism Instinct

What’s Iolite

Iolite is a gemstone of silicate mineral selection cordierite. It’s made up of the chemical parts magnesium, iron, and aluminum. Iolite is called cordierite (named after the French geologist Pierre Cordier who first studied it) in mineralogy. 

In gemology, cordierite trades as iolite which was named from the Greek phrases “ios” and “lithos” which means violet stone. One other older title given to iolite is dichroite which implies two-colored rock in Greek. That is in reference to the pleochroic nature of iolite gems.

Iolite is a reasonably sturdy gemstone, ranking 7-7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. Nevertheless, it isn’t as sturdy as sapphires, topaz, and diamonds. When set in jewellery that’s excessive impression like rings and bracelets, particular care needs to be taken to forestall injury to the stone.

What does Iolite seem like

Iolite is a violet-blue to grey, yellow, or colorless gemstone with a vitreous luster. It’s a pleochroic gem which signifies that it shows totally different colours when considered from totally different angles. Iolites that seem violet or blue in colour from one angle usually show yellow, grey, colorless, gentle, or darkish violet pleochroic colours from one other angle. The presence of iron within the mineral construction of Iolite provides it a stunning blue hue. Inclusions within the iolite gems result in enticing cat-eye or aventuresence results. 

Tremendous iolite is understood for its naturally stunning blue and violet hues. Not like blue topaz, sapphire, and tanzanite which are sometimes handled in a roundabout way, iolite is just not normally handled. Some iolite gems additionally seem grey or colorless and if gemologists have been in a position to improve them to supply extra sensible hues then they definitely would accomplish that. The chemistry of iolite nevertheless doesn’t permit it to be handled because it can not tolerate excessive temperatures. 

The worth of Iolite

The worth of iolite has not been developed within the gem commerce, subsequently its worth is low. It’s best to think about the 4 C’s when selecting out the very best iolite so as to add to your gemstone assortment. 


Iolites vary in measurement from 1 to 10 carats. Tremendous iolites over 5 carats are considerably uncommon available in the market. Most iolites are 2 carats or smaller.


Iolites are sometimes used as blue gem substitutes and rival the attract of tanzanite and blue sapphires at a fraction of the associated fee. Probably the most fascinating colours of iolite are violet-blue to high quality blue.


Iolite is clear to translucent with comparatively few inclusions. These iolite gems that do include inclusions are seen as several types of iolite resembling cat’s-eye iolite or bloodshot iolite.


Iolite is lower to focus on the transparency of the gem, subsequently it’s most frequently faceted. Its extremely pleochroic nature makes it a tough gem to chop to carry out its most fitted colour. Iolites are additionally lower into cabochons and typically made into carvings. Decrease high quality iolites are lower into beads.

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Historical past and mythology of Iolite

Iolite was as soon as referred to as the Viking’s Compass stone. It was used to information Viking navigators by serving to them find the solar, which they used to steer their ships. They have been in a position to pinpoint their location by discovering the solar utilizing slices of iolite on glare-reducing polaroid lenses on a cloudy day.

Iolite was broadly utilized in jewellery items through the 1700s in Europe. Non secular healers used iolite in rituals and ceremonies throughout all cultures. They have been mentioned to result in visions and permit shamans to speak with the non secular realm. 

One of many largest iolite crystals was found in Grizzly Creek, Wyoming in 2004, and weighed a record-breaking 24,000 carats.

Iolite’s which means and symbolism 

Often known as the compass stone, iolite is claimed to information the wearer of the stone on a journey of self-discovery. These trying to achieve readability about their desires maintain iolite shut by at night time. Many consider that this gemstone aids them to unlock their creativity and fulfill their life function. The calming blue hues of iolite give hope to the person and promote peace and tranquility.

The place does Iolite come from

Iolite is present in pelitic rocks mined internationally in nations like India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Madagascar, and Namibia. Different areas the place iolite is discovered embrace components of the USA, Brazil, Canada, and Australia.

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Iolite and Zodiac indicators

These born below the zodiac indicators Libra, Sagittarius and Taurus can profit from utilizing iolite as their birthstone. These violet crystals are mentioned to carry sturdy intuitive powers to the person and encourage creativeness and clear desires. These trying to journey will profit from utilizing iolite as a talisman to guard them alongside the best way. 

Iolite gemstone household 

Iolite is from the cordierite mineral household. The construction of cordierite is much like that of beryl. 

Several types of iolite:

Cats Eye Iolite 

Iolite that incorporates lengthy parallel tubular inclusions permit for the phenomenon of chatoyancy or the cat-eye impact. These stones are lower into cabochons and are uncommon variations of iolite.

Bloodshot Iolite

Iolite that incorporates a number of metallic, plate-like inclusions is lower in a method that shows the impact referred to as aventurescence. The brown or pink hematite inclusions give rise to the bloodshot number of iolite.  The sort of iolite is uncommon and sometimes sought out by gem collectors.

Iolite gemstone makes use of

Cordierite is typically used to make ceramic components for catalytic converters. Within the gem and jewellery commerce iolite is used to vogue stunning items of jewellery that contend among the many better of the blue gems.

Tumbled iolite stones are utilized in various and crystal therapeutic. They’re positioned at totally different chakra factors to cleanse and steadiness the energies.

Iolite can also be used as a gemstone in celebrating a twenty-first wedding ceremony anniversary. 

Steadily requested questions on Iolite gemstone

What’s Iolite good for?

Iolite is a blue gemstone that’s mentioned to result in steadiness and hope to its wearer. Iolite is used to boost one’s readability and strengthen our resolve.

Is Iolite an costly stone?

Iolite is just not an costly stone. Tremendous stones between 1 and 5 carats are extra frequent and affordably priced. Bigger stones between 5 and 10 carats are dearer, however not as costly as different blue gems like tanzanite or sapphire.

What chakra is Iolite good for?

Iolite is nice for the third-eye chakra to which it’s carefully linked. It’s mentioned to spice up our instinct and the best way we relate to ourselves and people round us. The crown chakra which sits above the third-eye chakra can even profit from iolite. It’s used to attach one with the spirit realm. For the throat chakra, iolite can incite clear communication.

Is Iolite uncommon?

Usually, iolites usually are not uncommon gems. Nevertheless, the finer high-quality iolites over 5 carats which have good readability and powerful coloring might be onerous to search out and subsequently dearer than the extra frequent number of iolite.



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